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Solar's Advantage

Solar energy is a resource that we rely on everyday through the natural ebb and flow of our environment. Without solar energy life on earth would not be possible. While converting the sun's energy into a form that we can use to operate our electrical devices has been around for decades, it has only touched the surface of its true potential in our society. Solar energy is improving the lives of millions of people across the planet and it is now taking root in Canada.

As electrical energy prices rise in Canada, and the price of solar electricity (PV) declines, more opportunities are emerging every day. A good solar PV system will produce electricity for 20+ years. When paired with an appropriate application, for example water pumping, it can provide a very attractive return on investment (ROI) for the end user.

Accurate Solar Energy Forecasting:

The first step to implementing a successful solar water pumping system is knowing how much solar energy is potentially available where you are located. The computer software program COMPASS has been designed to receive and "crunch" the information necessary to accurately estimate the amount of energy and how much work (pumping) can be done at a specific location (several hundred locations in Canada to choose from). The good news is that the opportunity to harvest solar energy is possible from coast to coast to coast in Canada.

COMPASS™ is the software we use and recommend to properly size the LORENTZ solar powered pumps. With this software registered dealers can enter the site specific variables and prepare an assessment to properly size a solar PV system to meet the pumping specifications. This ensures that the pumping project will meet the customer's requirements and address any concerns about the potential to run the pump off the grid.