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About Us

Solar Pumps Canada Inc. was established to help facilitate the growing demand for green energy solutions. A division of Solar Ontario, Ontario's leading solar thermal company, Solar Pumps Canada provides solar powered pumping solutions for all types of water pumping applications. Rising energy prices, declining solar PV prices and technology improvements have finally reached a point where specific applications, notably water pumping, can now be properly powered by solar and provide a payback period that is attractive for residential, commercial and municipal applications.

Solar Pumps Canada is the Canadian distributor of the PS 600 CS-17-1 and PS1800 CS-37-1 solar powered pool pumps. We can also help you with other solar water pumping needs.

Andrew McKegney CET is the GM of Solar Pumps Canada and has over 30 years of Canadian solar design experience. Andrew is a strong proponent of helping people incorporate energy saving and environmentally benign technology in an ethical and cost-effective manner.


 Lorentz CS 17-1 solar pool pump